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  • Simple all sizes favicon generator for Rails

    2 Jul, 2016    

    These days there are plenty of acceptable favicon formats. You are no longer restricted to 16x16 image/x-icon file, as long as support of IE < 11 is optional. Variety of mobile devices support other types of icons, that are used instead or with favicons, namely apple-touch-icon and mstile. Range of sizes varies from 16x16 to 192x192 pixels.

    Manual scaling for dozen of different sizes is strait violation of DRY principle, so here comes a possible solution for Rails application.

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  • Fonts and Rails Applications

    26 Jul, 2016    

    There are several options for embedding fonts into a webpage. Here I’ll show, how I would optimize the process for page load speed and development convenience.

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  • Backing up dockerized rails PG database

    1 Sep, 2016    

    Backing up and restoring data in rails projects is trivial enough. But when using docker and docker-compose things may become a bit cumbersome.

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