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  • Building RPM packages using Docker

    20 Aug, 2016    

    When you manage one or two packages, it’s a good idea to spin up a virtual machine as build environment just for that. Using some tricks it can be made possible to build them automatically.

    Here I want to show fully automated approach using headless build host inside a Docker container.

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  • Using watch to monitor other commands periodically

    24 Aug, 2016    

    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of hardware diagnostic tasks. One of which was to monitor network connection over screwed (and then repaired) twisted pair cable. I found myself constantly hitting to call ip l show eth0 again. And then I thought…

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  • Bash tips & tricks (part 1)

    16 Sep, 2016    

    Today I learned another really cool thing bash can do and then I thought it is worth it to start sharing various tips and tricks. Most of them arise from the fact that everything is file in *nix.

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